Oct 302014

Crystal Growth & Design (2014). 14 (12), 6294–6301. [ doi:10.1021/cg500983s ]

ratchetInvestigations into the phase transition of Barluenga’s reagent revealed a transient incommensurately modulated phase. To understand the origin of the modulated phase and the chemistry that can affect it, analogues of Barluenga’s reagent were synthesized and studied. In this context, the halogen and anion can easily be exchanged. Studying different analogues led to the development of the Ratchet Model to describe the behavior in the solid state leading to a better understanding of modulation in this class of molecular crystal structure.

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Apr 202012

My poster is all about Barluenga’s Reagent,
A cool iodinating and oxidising agent.
It is known to have a solid-state transition,
But we didn’t know at what temperature position.

Variable temperature X-ray diffraction
Let us investigate the transition action.
In addition, we found something a little surprising,
Extra reflections in precession images were arising.

After some thinking we came to the conclusion,
A transient modulated phase must be the solution.
So if this poem has got you excited,
Come and see my poster…

…You are all invited!

E. J. McKinley
BCA 2012.

Emma receives her prize

Emma receives her prize

Feb 082012

Emma McKinleyEmma completed her Part II in 2011 in Chem. Cryst., but it seems we can’t get rid of her!  Ever cheerful, she brings a spark of life to the lab and has come back for a bit to encourage us to write up the outstanding papers from her thesis, in particular her work chalcones and on the modulated phase of Barluenga’s reagent.  Since her prize winning poetry performance at the BCA, we keep expecting her to start rapping…