Aug 202012
Mr. Rafal Wiewiora (Summer 2012)

An undergraduate at Pembroke, Rafal joined us for 5 weeks to carry out a summer research project between his 2nd and 3rd years. Rafal is working on the inclusion compounds of deoxycholic acid, particularly the nature of the host-guest binding and order-disorder phase transitions. When he’s not enjoying chemistry in the lab, Rafal can … Read the rest

Jul 042012
Prof. Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu (Summer 2012)

Following his degree in Tokyo studying supramolecular complexes of achiral surfactant molecules with racemic and chiral aromatic guest molecules, Emmanuel travelled extensively.  He has worked at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission as Senior Scientific officer; at the Department of Chemistry in University of Ghana as Senior Lecturer; at the Department of Chemistry in Mississippi State … Read the rest

Mar 072012
Dr. David R. Allan

Dave is the Principal Beamline Scientist on the small-molecule single-crystal diffraction beamline, I19. Before his appointment at Diamond in 2006, Dave was a lecturer in The School of Physics at The University of Edinburgh and he laterally held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship within The School of Chemistry. Apart from developing the beamline to improve … Read the rest

Mar 072012

Chiralabs are long-term collaborators and world-leading experts in a wide range of spectroscopic, physicochemical and theoretical approaches including in chirality, circular dichroism, optical spectroscopies, crystallization and biopharmaceutical analysis. Specialist areas of investigation include:

  • Molecular chirality & enantiomeric composition
  • Crystal growth, polymorphism & solubility
  • Biomacromolecular structure, folding and properties
  • Biopharmaceutical development & spectroscopic fingerprinting
  • Spectroscopic &
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Feb 082012
Miss Emma J. McKinley (2012)

Emma completed her Part II in 2011 in Chem. Cryst., but it seems we can’t get rid of her!  Ever cheerful, she brings a spark of life to the lab and has come back for a bit to encourage us to write up the outstanding papers from her thesis, in particular her work chalcones and … Read the rest

Jul 282011
Mr. Shahzad Sharif (2011-2012)

Sharif is a Research Officer in the Materials Chemistry Laboratory at the GC University, Lahore. He is doing a Ph.D. in Lanthanide Coordination Polymers under the supervision of Prof. Dr Islam Ullah Khan, studying their Magnetic, Luminescent and MOF behaviour. Sharif is visiting Chem. Cryst. for six months under an IRSIP (HEC) scholarship to learn … Read the rest

Mar 162011
Dr. Violeta Jevtovic (2010)

Violeta is an assistant professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.  She obtained her Ph.D. in coordination chemistry studying the synthesis, structure and biological activity of transition metal compounds and visited for a few months to learn more about crystallography.… Read the rest

Aug 212009
Dr. Jeppe Christensen

Jeppe’s specialist areas are crystallographic instrumentation, experiment design, weak diffraction, twinning and modulation. He is also very knowledgeable about software and the theoretical basis of crystallography. Formerly beamline manager at the Swedish synchrotron facility MAX IV Laboratory, where he operated the small molecule and powder diffraction beamline, Jeppe is currently Research Officer in the Dynamical … Read the rest

Feb 162009
Dr. Kirsten E. Christensen (2009-2011)

Kirsten has been a visiting scientist in the lab since February 2009. She spends one to two days in Oxford doing synthesis of Open-framework germanates and taking a keen interest in difficult structures.  Kirsten’s primary research interest is in “Crystallography on the edge”, studying superstructures, diffuse scattering and modulated structures. As a natural part of … Read the rest